Visit Pure Barre Studio for an Effective Workout in Naperville!

Group of Women Doing Barre + TRX Workout

Less than five miles from your luxury home at Thornberry Woods is a fitness studio that is transforming bodies one class at a time… at their ballet barre! If you have never tried sculpting and toning your muscles with this incredible technique, a visit to Pure Barre on the corner of Webster and Jefferson won’t leave you disappointed. Here are all the details:

Low Impact, High Results

Barre-based workouts use isometric movements to create long and lean muscles. The instructors at Pure Barre combine strength and endurance exercises. This ensures that your whole body is challenged from head to toe.

A wonderful fact about this technique is that it is adaptable for any skill or fitness level. The staff provides expert guidance and encouragement along with their extensive knowledge, ensuring you will feel welcome while also achieving the results you desire. In fact, most clients see a difference within their first ten 50-minute classes!

The Barre Experience

Pure Barre holds a host of different classes that can easily fit any schedule. Whether you are an early riser or like to get your workout done in the evening, this studio has plenty of options. Classes vary in focus, but you can generally expect to start with gentle stretches, move on to weightlifting for the upper body, make your mid and lower muscles shake at the ballet barre, and tone your abs before a short cooldown.

“Pure Foundations” classes focus on the original barre technique and are a great start for beginners. “Pure Empower” classes use cardio-centric circuits, ankle weights, and a 6-inch step-up platform to get your blood pumping. The “Pure Reform” classes pursue balance and coordination while using resistance bands and sliders.

You can easily try the different types of classes to see what you like best by utilizing Pure Barre’s new client specials. For example, new clients get their first month of unlimited classes at a discounted rate!

With amazing experiences so close to Thornberry Woods, it is no wonder that our residents love living here. For more information on how to make Thornberry Woods your home, contact us today. You can also get a head start on your online application anytime.

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