Find Unique Pieces at These Art Galleries in Naperville

Two art students admiring some art in a gallery

The Naperville area is not only home to great restaurants and boutiques, but art galleries as well. Whether you’re searching for a knitted shawl, handcrafted jewelry, or a colorful painting, you can find these items and more at these art galleries in Naperville: Cleve Carney Art Gallery  The Cleve Carney Art Gallery features the works of artists from […]

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Enjoy a Fantastic Meal at Walker’s Charhouse in Naperville


Few things taste better than a juicy steak, perfectly prepared and paired with decadent steakhouse-style sides. Our comfortable, luxurious apartment community of Thornberry Woods is located adjacent to a number of delicious dining options, including the top steakhouse in Naperville, Walker’s Charhouse. Discover what makes this locally-owned restaurant so special! Casual Dining Discover a fine-dining restaurant […]

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Don’t Miss the Bird Walks at the Morton Arboretum

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Sphyrapicus varius, enjoying a winter meal on Holly Berries with one in its beak ready to go down.

Do you want to learn more about the fascinating birds that live in Naperville and get exercise at the same time? Then don’t miss the bird walks at the Morton Arboretum. Led by a knowledgeable guide, these walks include searching the arboretum’s woods and fields for an array of species. The fun takes place on the […]

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