Dive In A Deep Dish At Jet’s Pizza

deep dish Chicago-Style pizza from Jet's Pizza

Residing in Naperville means that quality food is always just a few minutes away. Located only minutes from the Thornberry Woods community is Jet’s Pizza. This pizza shop specializes in deep dish pizza and tasty sides, and offers its own contribution to American pizza history.

Pizza You Love

Naperville would not be complete without quality pizza for residents to enjoy. The quality ingredients and happily diverse menu are two of the many reasons Jet’s Pizza has grown extensively since opening in 1978. Variety and choice is the name of the game at Jet’s Pizza.

From Aloha BBQ chicken to Eugene Supreme, Jet’s has a pizza for you. Customize your pizza to be the signature deep dish, hand-tossed, thin, or New York style. No matter which crust you choose, you can flavor it from one of eight different choices, and it’s on the house!

Wings, salads, and Jetstix are several of the sides available to complement your pizza. Like Jet’s Pizza, the wings and Jetstix come in a variety of flavors and sauces. Your stix can be cheesy or sweet, and your wings from mild to hot if you dare.

Jet’s Contribution to Deep Dish Pizza

Biting into a slice of Jet’s Deep Dish Pizza is biting into Midwestern history. Jet’s Pizza opening in 1978 helped cultivate the popularity of deep dish pizza. As Jet’s franchised its way throughout the nation, so has the quality experience of traditional deep dish pizza. 40 years later, Jet’s has brought the genuine taste of deep dish pizza to 20 states with hundreds of locations.

Would you like to enjoy great restaurants like Jet’s regularly? Maybe it is time for a new home. Thornberry Woods has several layout options that will fit your lifestyle. Contact us today and let one of our agents happily tour you through our community.

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